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Welcome to the Online Art Gallery of Karen Kennedy

Fox Fountain Our Game Camera sits on the patio pointed toward this solar fountain. Living in the foothills, we get some exciting pictures of animals. Most recently there have been many pictures of foxes, both day and night shots. I was intrigued that some actually jumped up on the fountain while others were reaching to get a drink. I chose a 30" x 40" canvas and three photos to compose this oil painting. To see the development of this painting click here Step-by-Step

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"Fox Fountain"
Karen Kennedy

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When I was four and created crayola art on my father's newly wall-papered wall, it was definitely not appreciated! It is still my passion to share my interpretations of the things I see through my artwork. My hope is to stimulate a connection with the viewer through this website, one that is more positive than my father felt so long ago.
Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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