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Welcome to the Online Art Gallery of Karen Kennedy

"Cottage at the Cove" - An 8" x 8" Acrylic painting on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas -
With memories of visits to the northeastern Atlantic coast, I am thinking of Spring!
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"Cottage at the Cove"
Karen Kennedy

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Artists today enjoy an amazing variety of colors to work with, yet it is the lighting that captures our attention, telling a story of the time, place and the atmosphere thereby setting a mood. For me it is the joy and challenge of judging and mixing color to define what the light is doing. My objective is in answering questions like Why does the color green fade and disappear in low light, or What happens to red in a shadow, How are edges affected by direct light.
Whether painting a portrait, landscape or abstract; my focus turns to the nuance of the color changes.

Visit my "Step-by-Step" page to see art tips for the development of paintings.

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